Hard Hat Equipment Hire specializes and is home to a large fleet of rammers available for hire.

Rammers Tech Data:

Operating weight: 66kg
Shoe width: 280mm
Percussion: 700rpm
Stroke force: 18.2kN
Engine manufacturer: Honda GXR 120
Engine type: 4-stroke petrol
Engine output max: 2.8kW
Power output at operation speed: 2.6kW at 4100rpm



Rammers, also known as jumping jack compactors, or wackers, are machines used to compact earth, soil, or other types of substrate for construction purposes.

As with most compaction equipment, it is important to consider safety when using rammers. wearing safety glasses, earplugs, steel toed safety boots, hard hat, and work gloves are standard items when undertaking to use any compaction machinery.

It is important to take care when using rammers, and always read the operation manual before starting up the machine.

It is also a good idea that the operator is physically fit and trained for the use of heavy machinery.

Rammers are designed for the construction industry and are used mostly for soil compaction applications. They have been designed to operate in narrow work spaces such as tranches.

The grain distribution of the substrate, and the moisture content of the material being compacted will determine the effective compaction depth.

Before using these machines it is a good idea to smooth over the surface of the work area with a wide toothed rake. Remember to put on all safety gear.