Pedestrian Rollers – 390, 700, 900mm

A pedestrian roller is a compactor vehicle used in the compaction of soil, gravel, concrete or asphalt in the construction of roads and foundations.



Hard Hat Equipment Hire has a range of pedestrian rollers available for all your compaction needs. We have the 390mm, 700mm, and 900mm sizes.

Pedestrian rollers are perfect for space limited construction sites. They can be pushed with minimal effort over concrete, aggregate and asphalt. They can be used for pavements, walkways and even inside buildings.

Pedestrian rollers are self propelled and can work in reverse. They are suitable for small compaction jobs and, when used with water sprinkler systems, can be used on asphalt as well.

When operating the pedestrian rollers:

Keep both hands on the controls at all times.
Move the throttle lever to the desired speed. Full throttle is required for maximum compaction.
Move the roller around the area that is to be compacted by moving the forward and reverse lever in the desired direction.
The further this lever is pushed or pulled, the faster the roller will travel.
Push or pull on the main handle in the direction you want the roller to go while it is moving.