Quickstage System

A Quickstage system is a tubular steel scaffolding structure used mainly in the construction industry, for the support of people and materials. The quickstage system can also be used to prop slabs and formwork.


Components in our Quickstage system may including: Standards, ledgers, steel hook-on boards, base jacks, connectors, toe boards, toe board clips, diagonal braces, hook on ladders, trapdoors, swivel couplers, band and plates, DH couplers, scaffold tubes, staircases, handrails, and ladder beams.

Standards, also called the uprights, form the systems vertical support. These vertical tubes transfer the load of the structure to the ground, where it rests on the base jack. Standards are manufactured from ∅48 x 3.35 HT tube. “V” pressings are placed 500mm apart along the length of the standard. The quickstage system is adaptable, allowing for standards to be erected close together, thereby increasing the structures ability to accommodate heavy loads.

Ledgers, sometimes called transoms, connect horizontally onto the quickstage system scaffold to keep the standards in a vertical position. Ledgers are manufactured from ∅48 x 2.65mm HT tube. Reinforced ledgers are used where extra weight is passed onto the hook-on boards.

Steel hook-on boards clip onto the ledger to ensure a safe working platform. All hook-on boards have a non-slip surface.

Base Jacks are inserted at the bottom of standards in order to level the scaffold.

Connectors are used to join standards on top of each other.

Toe boards are placed on the side of the hook-on board to prevent loose items sliding from the hook-on board.

Toe board clips are hooked to the standard and secure the toe board in an upright position.

Diagonal braces are used to brace the scaffold tower to ensure stability.

Hook on ladders are used to move between platforms.

Trapdoors are placed between the hook-on boards to provide access to a working platform.

Swivel couplers are used to attach scaffold tube to standards.

Band and plate are used to tie scaffold tube to standards at 90°.

DH Couplers are used to attach a scaffold tube to a standard at 90°.

Scaffold tube can be used for various functions. Used for bracing, handrails, etc.

Staircases are used to move between platforms.

Handrails are used on the staircase.

Ladder beams are used for extension supports.