Quicklock Tower

Quicklock Frames, also known as selflock frames, are a light, versatile scaffolding that can be erected quickly.


When dismantled, a quicklock tower takes up very little space, and can be easily stored or transported compactly. Quicklock towers are ideally used in home construction and maintenance, such as painters etc. Quicklock towers have the capability of extending up to 20 meters, provided they are properly secured to a building or other sturdy structure.

Below we can see the maximum free standing height allowed and is based on the SABS 085-1988 maximum permissible base to height ratio.

Inside static tower: 4,0 X min base dimension
Inside mobile tower: 3,5 X min base dimension
Outside static tower: 3,5 X min base dimension
Outside mobile tower: 3,0 X min base dimension

Components in our quicklock tower system may including: Selflock frames, hook-on boards, Tie bars / guard rail, diagonal / plan braces, knee braces, castors (wheels), jacking castor, base jacks, toe boards, toe board clips, toe board clips, and hook on ladders.

Selflock frames come in three lengths and can be used according to the type of work to be done, and the height required.

Hook-on boards clip onto the selflock frames and serve as a platform to stand on.

Tie Bars are used for tying the bottom two sets of frames as well as the top two sets together.

Diagonal or plan braces are used for tying diagonal corners to the frame to increase squareness.

Knee braces are used to stabilize the bottom frames and to keep the tower square.

Castors are placed beneath scaffold frames, allows you to move the scaffold around. Available in spigot and jacking type.

Jacking castors, are castors with an adjustable stem, to adjust the level of the tower.

Base Jacks are inserted at the bottom of standards in order to level the scaffold.

Toe boards are placed on the side of the hook-on board to prevent loose items sliding from the hook-on board.

Toe board clips are hooked to the standard and secure the toe board in an upright position.

Hook on ladders are used to move between platforms.