Trestles, or trestle scaffolds are simply working platforms supported on “A” frames, or a similar type of folding support.


Remember that trestles should be used only for light work of comparatively short duration. They should be used for scaffolds of one tier in height, and the working platform should be at least 430mm wide. One-third of the height of the trestles should be above the working platform. They should not be used for scaffolds more than two tiers in height, and where the working platform is more than 2m high, guard rails and toe boards should be provided. They are not suitable for work situations where a person is liable to fall a distance of more than 4.5m from the platform.

Trestles should be set up on a firm and level base and firmly fixed so as to prevent displacement. Make sure they are adequately braced to ensure rigidity and to resist lateral movement. Trestles should be no more than 1.35m apart when boards 38mm thick are used, and 2.45mm apart if 50mm boards are used. Wider spans are possible if proprietary staging is used and such staging is generally preferred to scaffold boards.

Inspect trestles before use and reject them if they have defective components such as loose or damaged cross bearers broken or damaged hinges, including missing screws or bolts, or damaged or split stiles.