Chisels and Moils

Chisels and moils are the attachments required for our range of air powered breaking tools.



Chisels and Moils, generally speaking, are heavy, hardened steel tools that are used in the air powered rock drills, chipping hammers, and paving breakers.

Chisels and moils form a part of an overall demolition system designed to break through masonry, rock, and hard concrete. They are necessary tools in any construction or demolition project. Depending on the application, different bits are used for different tasks. Deep penetration would require a pointed moil, whereas chisels can be used to remove layered materials such as heavy set plasters etc.

Safety considerations should be accounted for regardless of what sort of chisel or moil is used, but as is standard when using any form of power tool, it is a good idea to wear protective clothing.

If you are unsure of which Chisel or Moil to use for your project, speak to one of our staff members who will gladly “point” you in the right direction.