Water Filled / Stackable Barriers

Water filled barriers can be useful at any type of commercial renovation site or construction project. Having a way to reliably prohibit access to an area and to guard it from accidents is vital for a safe and efficient project. Even smaller companies with limited methods of transporting tools can easily move a number of these barriers.



When performing a construction project, building on to a location, or handling any other type of industrial task, it is important to have the area properly sectioned off. Not only does this help any project run more smoothly, but it helps to protect the area and nearby locations from accidents. There are a variety of barriers and blockades used for these types of tasks, but finding a solution that is both sturdy and easy to transport can be difficult. Hard Hat offers the water filled barrier. This unit can be easily moved to the appropriate site and then filled to provide robust protection.

What is The Purpose of The Water Filled Barrier?

The water filled barrier is designed to provide reliable protection against vehicular impacts and unsolicited access to private areas or construction projects. Before they are filled these units are much easier to transport to the appropriate site. Their unique dimensions improve the barrier-to-pallet ratio, allowing many barriers to be moved easily. After being filled with water or sand, the units can prove to be as stable as any traditional concrete or steel barrier on the market.

Construction managers and industrial companies are always looking for professional and reliable ways to protect work sites and section them off from public access. Those who want to speed up a project and save money without sacrificing on protection will find that the water filled barrier is a great choice.

Our units are wind-speed tested and fully stackable. Not only does this make them a great choice for professional companies, but it gives them numerous advantages over traditional barriers.

A water filled barrier requires 350 liters of water which takes around 15 minutes to fill with a standard garden hose and 7 minutes to empty. You can stop the water freezing by adding salt, calcium chloride or CMA (calcium magnesium acetate).

Water filled barriers can be stacked and stored outdoors. To stack the barriers simply place three barriers tightly next to each other, turn the next barrier upside down and place between to further barriers. Once you have five barriers together start a second tier, stacking them across the first level of barriers.