Water Cart

Transport water safely and easily with the 1000L or 2500L water cart available for hire.



A Water Cart is commonly used in mining applications, primarily for dust control. They usually consist of a series of spray nozzles equipped with the mechanics to pump and spray water to remove overburden or to hydrate mines when they become dry.

The construction industry uses the water cart for compaction, dust control and fire-prevention and protection. The entertainment industry also uses the water cart for street wet downs, fire control stand-by and many other reasons. The water cart is used also used by the fire-fighting industry in battling forest fires.

A portable water cart is a water tank trailer that supplies bulk water for human consumption to people living in areas that don’t have access to a public water supply or a water well. They may also be used for filling up swimming pools, fire-camp service and in major sporting events. Potable water carts are available with 1,000L and 2,500L tank capacities


Braked axle, the axle has a load capacity of 1800 kg
195R14C 8 ply tires on 14 inch rims
3 ton Couple (Towing Facility)
Heavy Duty jockey wheel
Leaf springs pack
SABS approved truck lights (Brake and indicator)
2” Petrol Water Pump (Can pump and suck water)
Hose reel with 30m Hose
1000L or 2500LPolyethylene tank with black lined interior and 8mm thick walls
Spare wheel fitted to bracket on trailer