Pipeline Test Pump

Our hydrostatic pipeline test pump is perfect for plumbing, and for leak detection.



The hydrostatic pipeline test pump is designed for pressure testing water systems. The systems, both in residential and commercial projects, can include water meters, plumbing lines, pressure vessels, solar systems, or sprinkler systems.

The unit has an easy to operate control valve, an infinitely variable pressure regulator, glycerin filled pressure gauge as well as high pressure delivery, suction, and bypass hoses.

Pipeline test pump safety:

  • Using the pipeline test pump is relatively safe, but it is always a good idea to form the habit of ensuring a safe working environment before undertaking a task. In this case a few basic safety guidelines can be implemented:
  • Informing people in the area of the testing so they may avoid the potential risks of pressure testing.
  • Do not initiate pressure testing in work centers.
  • Make sure test personnel stand behind a protective barrier during pressurization.
  • Mark the area off as dangerous, and ensure that only those working on the testing are allowed in the area.