Angle Grinder 115/230mm

The angle grinder, which is also known as a side grinder, or a disk grinder, is a hand held power tool used for cutting, grinding and polishing.



An angle grinder works with a small, rapidly spinning disk, which is used to cit, grind, or polish various materials.

Hard Hat Hire has both the 115mm and 230mm corded electric angle grinder available for hire. With these sizes you should be able to perform most general projects, and can choose from a wide range of disks or wheels to suit your task. The power of provided by this type of grinder is usually more than enough for your cutting or grinding needs.

This angle grinder might be useful to you if you have a workshop or do any welding or relatively light construction projects around the house.

Most common uses of an angle grinder:

Metal cutting and grinding:

The metal cut off disk is used to cut rebar, bolts, and iron fencing. It uses the abrasive action of aluminum oxide for it’s cutting action. For metal grinding, we recommend using the metal grinding wheel attachment instead.

Metal cleaning:

If you are removing rust or paint from metal, then wire disks or brushes would be the best choice. They can be used for stripping, cleaning, or deburring metal, and can be used for cleaning dirt or cement off of your tools.

Masonry cutting:

To cut through ceramics or masonry easily, an angle grinder can be equipped with the dry cut diamond disk. This type of application allows for trimming tiles, or chasing for plumbing, outlets, or conduits.


When a grinding wheel is attached to the grinder, you can sharpen tools such as lawnmower blades, spades, shovels, etc.


Adding a polishing wheel or a buffing pad to the grinder means you will be able to shine and polish aluminum and other shiny metals. Remember to begin with a high grit, and work your way down to the finer polishing disks.