Air Compressor 150 Liter

As you probably already know, an air compressor is a device that pressurizes air.



An air compressor uses an electric motor to force air into the 150L tank, thereby increasing it’s pressure. As soon as the pressure in the tank reaches a predetermined limit, it will shut off. You can now use the compressed air for your job.

Some basic uses of the compressor include powering paint sprayers, grinders, and pressure powered nail guns.

Uses of an air compressor:

  • An air compressor is generally used to power a spray gun. Spray guns are used to achieve fine, smooth paint finishes on machines, furniture, pretty much anything. Many DIY’ers and contractors use spray guns for their projects.
  • Air compressors can be used to power a number of other tools such as pneumatic drills and ratchets.
  • Compressed air goes into tires, which means this tool comes in handy if you don’t feel like making the trip to your nearest petrol station.
  • These versatile machines can also be used for filling gas tanks for hobbies such as paintball and scuba diving.

While your application might be more business orientated than just for fun, it might pay you to ask one of our experts for advice on how to use this machine.